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A History of East Africa
* it builds on the most recent research into the beginnings of East African history * it describes extensively the pre-colonial societies of East Africa * its history of post-independent East Africa
Kula Raha: Gendered discourses and the contours of leisure in Nairobi, 1946–63
Recent scholarship has usefully drawn attention to the history of leisure in colonial Africa, especially the centrality of the African urban crowd, both in the construction of urban spaces and the
Ethnic Cleansing and Civil Society in Kenya 1969–1992
The Kenyan polity and society have faced multiple challenges in the past decade, many of them arising from the political culture whose foundations were laid during the long reign of Jomo Kenyatta as
The Cultural Dimensions of Development in Africa
  • E. Odhiambo
  • Sociology
    African Studies Review
  • 1 December 2002
Abstract: This article highlights and interrogates the recent resurgence of the view, both in the academy and in international financial institutions, that African culture has been a stumbling block
Cultural heritage and the socialization process: a study of ramogi hill.
Ramogi hill is held with a lot of reverence among the Luo, the bottom-line being that it was the stopping point of their fore- father, Ramogi, upon his entry into Kenya through Uganda from Southern
An Analysis of the Linguistic Features Used in Selected Social Interactions on Facebook
The study revealed that FB users used the language of their choice creatively to communicate, and various linguistic features were used to communicate intended messages.
The Unconscious Manifestations of the Image of Youth Characters in PhaswaneMpe’sWelcome to Our Hillbrow(2001) andNiqMhlongo’s After Tears(2007)
Abstract: The image of youth characters portrayed in South African literature has traditionally focused on their manifest responses to the political issues of the different moments of the country’s
Literary Commitment in Bessie Head’s Maru
This was a study of Bessie Head’s literary commitment. The objective of the study was to interrogate the extent to which the writer is committed as a woman and as a Third World person based on the