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Experimental Testing of a Moving Force Identification Bridge Weigh-in-Motion Algorithm
Bridge weigh-in-motion systems are based on the measurement of strain on a bridge and the use of the measurements to estimate the static weights of passing traffic loads. Traditionally, commercialExpand
Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures
Title EU FP6 ARCHES Deliverable D08: Recommendations on the use of results of monitoring on bridge safety assessment and maintenance Authors(s) Ralbovsky, Marian; Cremona, Cristian; Enright, Bernard;Expand
The use of micro-simulation for congested traffic load modeling of medium- and long-span bridges
This paper presents a new approach to the modelling of congested traffic loading events on long span bridges. Conventional traffic load models are based on Weigh- In-Motion data of non-congestedExpand
The Effect of Vehicle Velocity on the Dynamic Amplification of Two Vehicles crossing a Simply Supported Bridge
The effect of multiple vehicles on a bridge’s dynamic amplification is a complex problem. Previously authors have examined multiple vehicle presence by constructing elaborate finite element models orExpand
Extraction of Bridge Fundamental Frequencies Utilizing a Smartphone MEMS Accelerometer
This study introduces the 2D-frequency independent underdamped pinning stochastic resonance (2D-FI-UPSR) technique, which is a customized SR filter that enables identifying the frequencies of weak signals. Expand
Traffic loading is one of the most variable parameters in a bridge reliability assessment. Its accurate assessment potentially offers large savings due to reduced bridge rehabilitation or replacementExpand
Drive-By Bridge Frequency Identification under Operational Roadway Speeds Employing Frequency Independent Underdamped Pinning Stochastic Resonance (FI-UPSR)
Frequency Independent Underdamped Pinning Stochastic Resonance (FI-UPSR) is introduced as a new technique, which possesses the ability to extract bridge dynamic properties from the responses of a vehicle that passes over the bridge at high speed. Expand
Drive-by bridge damage monitoring using Bridge Displacement Profile Difference
Recently, there has been a shift in emphasis in bridge monitoring from instrumentation of the bridge to instrumentation of a passing vehicle, known by “drive-by bridge inspection”. This paperExpand
Scour Damage Detection and Structural Health Monitoring of a Laboratory-Scaled Bridge Using a Vibration Energy Harvesting Device
A vibration-based bridge scour detection procedure using a cantilever-based piezoelectric energy harvesting device (EHD) is proposed here. This has an advantage over an accelerometer-based method inExpand
A Robust Vision-Based Method for Displacement Measurement under Adverse Environmental Factors Using Spatio-Temporal Context Learning and Taylor Approximation
A robust vision-based displacement measurement method which can handle the two common and important adverse factors given above and achieve sensitivity at the subpixel level is developed. Expand