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Calibrating the Legal Obligations in the Ongoing Non-international Armed Conflict in Nigeria
At the moment, there are several areas and incidents of armed violence in Nigeria. However, the conflict between the State and the group(s) described as ‘Boko Haram’ appears to be the only ongoingExpand
Training Children for Armed Conflict – Where Does the Law Stand?
This article considers the question of criminal liability for training child soldiers. None of the legal instruments prohibiting recruitment and use of child soldiers expressly relates to trainingExpand
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The application of international law in Nigeria and the façade of dualism
Section 12 (1) of the Amended Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (the 1999 Constitution) provides that no treaty shall have force of law in Nigeria unless it has been enacted into aExpand
A Universal Procedural Framework for War Crimes Tribunals
Abstract Notwithstanding the uniformity of war crimes substantive law, applicable procedural rules vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In the case of ad hoc tribunals, the applicable rules mayExpand
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Executive orders in Nigeria as valid legislative instruments and administrative tools
In carrying out the function of the office, the President in a presidential system such as Nigeria and the United States may issue orders to agents and agencies of the  executive branch. These ordersExpand