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Recent Selective Sweeps in North American Drosophila melanogaster Show Signatures of Soft Sweeps
Adaptation from standing genetic variation or recurrent de novo mutation in large populations should commonly generate soft rather than hard selective sweeps. In contrast to a hard selective sweep,Expand
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AABC: approximate approximate Bayesian computation for inference in population-genetic models.
Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) methods perform inference on model-specific parameters of mechanistically motivated parametric models when evaluating likelihoods is difficult. Central to theExpand
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Inference on admixture fractions in a mechanistic model of recurrent admixture.
Signatures of recent historical admixture are ubiquitous in human populations. We present a mechanistic model of admixture with two source populations, encompassing recurrent admixture periods andExpand
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The case for formal methodology in scientific reform
Current attempts at methodological reform in sciences come in response to an overall lack of rigor in methodological and scientific practices in experimental sciences. However, most methodologicalExpand
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Lack of population diversity in commonly used human embryonic stem-cell lines.
To the Editor: Human embryonic stem-cell research may lead to new methods of drug discovery, insights into mechanisms of disease, and eventually, cellular therapies. The potential benefit to patientExpand
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Estimation of Selection Intensity under Overdominance by Bayesian Methods
A balanced pattern in the allele frequencies of polymorphic loci is a potential sign of selection, particularly of overdominance. Although this type of selection is of some interest in populationExpand
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Efficient Simulation and Likelihood Methods for Non-Neutral Multi-Allele Models
In tribute to Simon Tavaré, we present an article in spirit of his work that provides a computationally tractable method for simulating and analyzing data under non-neutral population-genetic models. Expand
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Maximum likelihood estimates under k-allele models with selection can be numerically unstable
The stationary distribution of allele frequencies under a variety of Wright-Fisher k-allele models with selection and parent independent mutation is well studied. However, the statistical propertiesExpand
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Inference on the strength of balancing selection for epistatically interacting loci.
Existing inference methods for estimating the strength of balancing selection in multi-locus genotypes rely on the assumption that there are no epistatic interactions between loci. Complex systems inExpand
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