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Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design to EC2: The Complete Process, Second Edition
REINFORCED AND PRESTRESSED CONCRETE DESIGN TO EC2 THE COMPLETE PROCESS SECOND EDITION PDF Are you looking for reinforced and prestressed concrete design to ec2 the complete process second editionExpand
The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughness
Road roughness is a broad term that incorporates everything from potholes and cracks to the random deviations that exist in a profile. To build a roughness index, road irregularities need to beExpand
Identification of Vehicular Axle Weights with a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System Considering Transverse Distribution of Wheel Loads
A modified two-dimensional (2D) Moses algorithm for acquiring the field-calibrated influence line (IL) of an existing bridge is presented, based on strain data acquired continuously at a highExpand
Effect of Vehicle Velocity on the Dynamic Amplification of a Vehicle Crossing a Simply Supported Bridge
Many writers, using both experimental tests and complex numerical models, have examined the effect of vehicle velocity on a highway bridge’s dynamic amplification. Although these tests and modelsExpand
Modeling Same-Direction Two-Lane Traffic for Bridge Loading
Many highway bridges carry traffic in two same-direction lanes, and modeling the traffic loading on such bridges has been the subject of numerous studies. Different assumptions have been used toExpand
Calculating an influence line from direct measurements
The response of a bridge to a pre-weighed truck can be measured on site. This paper describes a mathematical method for converting the measured response of a load effect into an influence line forExpand
Testing of bridge weigh-in-motion system in a sub-arctic climate
Systems for weighing vehicles while they are in motion are in widespread use in many countries. The accuracy of these weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems is strongly influenced by the road profile andExpand
Importance of the Tail in Truck Weight Modeling for Bridge Assessment
To predict characteristic extreme traffic load effects, simulations are sometimes performed of bridge loading events. To generalize the truck weight data, statistical distributions are fitted toExpand
A review of probabilistic methods of assessment of load effects in bridges
Results show that the accuracy of estimations of characteristic value and probabilities of failure are more a function of data quality than extrapolation technique, which highlights the importance of long-run simulations as a means of reducing the errors associated with the extrapolation process. Expand