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Nationwide study of haemolytic uraemic syndrome: clinical, microbiological, and epidemiological features
Linking national surveillance with a specialised laboratory service allowed estimation of HUS incidence and provided information on its aetiology; in contrast to North America, Japan, and the British Isles, STEC O157: H7 is rare in Australia; however, non-O157:H7 STEC cause severe disease including outbreaks.
Detection and Isolation of Campylobacter Species Other than C. jejuni from Children with Crohn's Disease
A significantly greater presence of C. Concisus and higher levels of antibodies to C. concisus were detected in children with Crohn's disease (CD) than in controls.
Are We Overdoing Pediatric Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy?
Colonoscopy is a safe procedure in pediatrics; however, 39% of colonoscopies in this series were normal, and many of these could have been avoided by eliminating colonoscopy in patients with recurrent abdominal pain in the absence of other clinical features.
Elevated plasma levels of F2α isoprostane in cystic fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis (CT) is associated with chronic lung infection’ inflammation’ and elevated indices of oxidative stress. Recently’ isoprostanes were shown to be a reliable in vivo marker of oxidant
Aquaporin expression is downregulated in a murine model of colitis and in patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and infectious colitis
Colitis is associated with alterations in electrolyte and water transport. These changes give rise to some of the symptoms experienced by patients with colitis. Alterations in fluid flux may also
Intestinal permeability in kwashiorkor
The degree of abnormal permeability in kwashiorkor reflects the severity of illness and improves only slowly with nutritional rehabilitation Changes in intestinal permeability can be used to evaluate treatment interventions.
Accidental paracetamol overdosing and fulminant hepatic failure in children
Clinical characteristics useful for identifying children with liver failure due to accidental paracetamol overdose are delineated.
Interleukin 2 modulates ion secretion and cell proliferation in cultured human small intestinal enterocytes
IL-2 treatment enhances cAMP stimulated chloride secretion and cellular proliferation in a human small intestinal cell line expressing a functional IL-2 receptor.