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Explaining variation in safety performance of roundabouts.
The conversion of an intersection into a roundabout has been proven to reduce generally the number of crashes with injuries or fatalities. However, evaluation studies frequently showed considerableExpand
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The effects of roundabouts on traffic safety for bicyclists: an observational study.
A before-and-after study was carried out of injury accidents involving bicyclists on 91 roundabouts in Flanders-Belgium. The study design accounted for the effects of general safety trends andExpand
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Injury crashes with bicyclists at roundabouts: influence of some location characteristics and the design of cycle facilities.
PROBLEM Previous research indicated that conversions of intersections into roundabouts appear to increase the number of injury crashes with bicyclists. However, it was assumed that the effectivenessExpand
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Externality of risk and crash severity at roundabouts.
The severity of 1491 crashes on 148 roundabouts in Flanders-Belgium was examined in order to investigate which factors might explain the severity of crashes or injuries and to relate these factors toExpand
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Extended prediction models for crashes at roundabouts
This paper builds upon the results of previously developed crash prediction models for roundabouts. The originally investigated sample was extended from 90 to 148 roundabouts. Poisson and gammaExpand
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Anxiety and Depressed Mood in Obese Pregnant Women: A Prospective Controlled Cohort Study
Background: The psychological health in obese women during pregnancy has been poorly studied. Objective: To compare levels of anxiety and depressed mood during pregnancy in obese versus normal-weightExpand
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Socio‐demographic and obstetrical correlates of pre‐pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain
Both pre‐pregnancy body mass index (BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG) are important determinants of a healthy pregnancy outcome and may show important variation. To study the influence ofExpand
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Road safety effects of roundabouts in Flanders.
INTRODUCTION This paper analyzes the effect on road safety of 95 roundabouts that were built in Flanders between 1994 and 1999. RESULTS The study shows that the effect on the number and severity ofExpand
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Testing for the Asymmetric War of Attrition When Only Roles and Fight Duration Are Known
Abstract In the asymmetric war of attrition the two opponents each play a different role. But mistakes in assumption of role are possible. Hammerstein and Parker (1982, J. theor. Biol.96, 647-682)Expand
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