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Detection of a new important staging and wintering area of the White Stork Ciconia ciconia by satellite tracking
Since 1991, a large-scale satellite traclung study of White Stork Ciconia ciconia has followed 75 individuals along the eastern migration route, which passes across Israel into eastern Africa.Expand
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The identification of multivariate linear dynamic errors-in-variables models
Abstract The paper establishes (necessary and sufficient) conditions for the local identifiability of multivariate linear time series models with measurement errors. The models have a linear relationExpand
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The waterfowl of Mongolia
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Abstract This article considers multivariate causal transfer function systems with latent stationary inputs and outputs. Their observation is assumed to be disturbed by errors in variables (EV). TheExpand
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Satellite tracking of migrating Bewick's swans
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Orientation in birds. Satellite tracking: a new method in orientation research.
The study of bird migration by satellite tracking began in the 1980s, after transmitters had become sufficiently small to allow the monitoring of larger migrating species. Expand
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Implementation of satellite tracking in studying migration of Anatidae: An overview and a case study
Nous discutons les resultats des etudes des Anatidae par telemetrie par satellite, du point de vue des possibilites offertes par la technique. Le principe du fonctionnement du systeme ARGOS estExpand
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Satellite-tracking of White Storks Ciconia ciconia: Migration of an eastern individual to South Yemen
Here we report on an unusual migratory route of a White Stork within the eastern migration corridor (east of the Central European migration divide) to the Arabian peninsula as far as South Yemen.Expand
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