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Abstract This article considers multivariate causal transfer function systems with latent stationary inputs and outputs. Their observation is assumed to be disturbed by errors in variables (EV). TheExpand
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The identification of multivariate linear dynamic errors-in-variables models
Abstract The paper establishes (necessary and sufficient) conditions for the local identifiability of multivariate linear time series models with measurement errors. The models have a linear relationExpand
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Satellite tracking of migrating Bewick's swans
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Global identification of the dynamic shock-error model
Abstract The paper gives (necessary and sufficient) conditions for the global identifiability of dynamic regression models with errors in the variables. The conditions are simple counting rulesExpand
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Identification of simultaneous equation models with measurement errors based on time series structure
Abstract The paper establishes simple conditions leading to the global identifiability of multivariate ARMAX errors-in-variables models in the form of a simultaneous equation system with errors inExpand
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Divis a Programm Package to Support the Probabilistic Modelling of Parameter Uncertainties
This paper presents details of the program package DIVIS which is to support the construction of subjective probability distributions and the specification of correlation coefficients for uncertain parameters of computational models. Expand
On the Fermi approximation in slow neutron scattering
In this paper a general connection between the scattering from a bound and a free nucleus is derived in terms of formal scattering theory. The basic idea is to eliminate the interaction HamiltonianExpand
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