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Applicability of protein and fiber-rich food materials in extrusion-based 3D printing
Abstract In this study, the applicability of extrusion-based 3D printing technology for food pastes made of protein, starch and fiber-rich materials was assessed, as a starting point in theExpand
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Formation of phenolic microbial metabolites and short-chain fatty acids from rye, wheat, and oat bran and their fractions in the metabolical in vitro colon model.
Rye bran and aleurone, wheat bran and aleurone, and oat bran and cell wall concentrate were compared in their in vitro gut fermentation patterns of individual phenolic acids and short-chain fattyExpand
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Fermented Wheat Bran as a Functional Ingredient in Baking
ABSTRACT The aim of the current study was to identify factors influencing the technological functionality of fermented bran. The influences of fermentation type and type of wheat bran on theExpand
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Postprandial differences in the plasma metabolome of healthy Finnish subjects after intake of a sourdough fermented endosperm rye bread versus white wheat bread
BackgroundThe mechanism behind the lowered postprandial insulin demand observed after rye bread intake compared to wheat bread is unknown. The aim of this study was to use the metabolomics approachExpand
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Study of grain cell wall structures by microscopic analysis with four different staining techniques
Abstract Four different grain cell wall staining techniques were compared. Two techniques specifically detected arabinoxylan (AX). The first technique used a xylanase probe, while the other one wasExpand
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Changes in bran structure by bioprocessing with enzymes and yeast modifies the in vitro digestibility and fermentability of bran protein and dietary fibre complex
Abstract Bran is a good source of dietary fibre, phytochemicals, and also protein, but highly insoluble and recalcitrant structure of bran hinders accessibility of these components forExpand
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Phenolic compounds in wholegrain rye and its fractions
Abstract Rye ( Secale cereale L.) has traditionally had an important role in the daily diet especially in Northern and Eastern Europe, and in addition to dietary fibre, rye grain is a good source ofExpand
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The effect of enzymatic treatment on blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) juice flavour and its stability
Abstract The effects of different enzymatic treatments on the sensory profile and chemical composition, especially various phenolic compounds, sugars and fruit acids, of blackcurrant juices wereExpand
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Inactive fluorescently labeled xylanase as a novel probe for microscopic analysis of arabinoxylan containing cereal cell walls.
A new technique to visualize cereal cell walls by fluorescence microscopy was developed. The novel staining technique is based on an inactive fluorescently labeled xylanase binding to arabinoxylanExpand
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Enzymatic modification and particle size reduction of wheat bran improves the mechanical properties and structure of bran-enriched expanded extrudates
The aim of this study was to examine enzymatic modification of wheat bran, performed in a low-moisture process, and the reduction of bran particle size as means of improving the technologicalExpand
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