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An investigation of the peroxidase activity of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin
It is demonstrated that Vitreoscilla hemoglobin exhibits peroxidase activity, a finding in line with the hypothesis that VHb has cellular functions beyond the role as an oxygen carrier. Expand
Ruthenium(II) arene complexes with chelating chloroquine analogue ligands: synthesis, characterization and in vitro antimalarial activity.
Three new ruthenium complexes with bidentate chloroquine analogue ligands, [Ru(η(6)-cym)(L(1))Cl]Cl, have been synthesized and characterized and it may be noted that 3 exhibits high antimalarial activity. Expand
The use of Cu and Zn salicylaldimine complexes as catalyst precursors in ring opening polymerization of lactides: ligand effects on polymer characteristics
A range of monomeric tetra-coordinate copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes based on N,O-bidentate salicylaldimine Schiff base ligands has been synthesized and characterized using various spectroscopicExpand
Unsymmetrical dizinc complexes as models for the active sites of phosphohydrolases.
A kinetic investigation indicates that one of these hydroxides is the active nucleophile in the hydrolysis of bis(2,4-dinitrophenyl)phosphate (BDNPP) enhanced by complex 2, and mechanistic proposals are presented for this reaction as well as the previously reported transesterification of 2-hydroxypropyl p-nitrophenol phosphate (HPNP) promoted by Zn(II) complexes of IPCPMP. Expand
Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity studies of heterodinuclear complexes modeling active sites in purple acid phospatases.
UV-vis spectroscopy reveal pH-dependent behavior, and species that form upon increasing the pH have been assigned to μ-hydroxido-bridged Fe(III)M(II) complexes for 2-5 although 2 and 3 is further transformed into what is propsed to be a μ-oxido- Bridged tetranuclear complex similar to 7. Expand
The Unperturbed Oxo-Sulfido Functional Group cis-Mo(VI)OS, Related to that in the Xanthine Oxidase Family of Molybdoenzymes: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Reactivity Aspects
The oxo-sulfido functional group cis-MoVIOS is essential to the activity of the xanthine oxidase family of enzymes but has proven elusive to synthesis in molecules containing no other four-electronExpand
Theoretical Study of Phosphodiester Hydrolysis and Transesterification Catalyzed by an Unsymmetric Biomimetic Dizinc Complex.
Density functional theory calculations have been used to investigate the reaction mechanisms of phosphodiester hydrolysis and transesterification catalyzed by a dinuclear zinc complex, and it is demonstrated that two consecutive catalytic cycles need to be considered in order to determine the rate-determining free energy barrier. Expand
Unprecedented enantioselectivity in a cluster-based catalytic system
Catalytic systems based on the clusters [H4RU4(CO)(10)-{mu-1,2-(P-P)}] and [H4RU4(CO)(10){1,1-(P-P)}] (P-P = (R)-(R)-Ph(2)PPhFcCHCH(3)PR(2); Fc = ferrocenyl; R = 3,5-CF3Ph (W001), Ph (W002)) haveExpand
Novel pyrazolate-based copper(II) [2 x 2] grid complexes: Synthesis, structure and properties
5-Acetyl-substituted pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid (H2L) forms [2 x 2] grid-like tetranuclear Cu(II) complexes with four five-coordinated copper(II) ions bridged by pyrazolate groups. Despite aExpand
High Turnover Catalase Activity of a Mixed‐Valence MnIIMnIII Complex with Terminal Carboxylate Donors
The neutral dimanganese(II,III) complex [Mn-2(BCPMP)-(OAc)(2)] [1; BCPMP3- = 2,6-bis({(carboxymethyl)[(1-pyridyl)-methyl] amino} methyl)-4-methylphenolato] has been synthesized and characterized. TheExpand