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Tools for model-independent bounds in direct dark matter searches
We discuss a framework (based on non-relativistic operators) and a self-contained set of numerical tools to derive the bounds from some current direct detection experiments on virtually any arbitraryExpand
Generalized halo independent comparison of direct dark matter detection data
We extend the halo-independent method to compare direct dark matter detection data, so far used only for spin-independent WIMP-nucleon interactions, to any type of interaction. As an example we applyExpand
Direct Detection Signatures of Self-Interacting Dark Matter with a Light Mediator
Self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) is a simple and well-motivated scenario that could explain long-standing puzzles in structure formation on small scales. If the required self-interaction arisesExpand
Reevaluation of spin-dependent WIMP-proton interactions as an explanation of the DAMA data
We reexamine the interpretation of the annual modulation signal observed by the DAMA experiment as due to WIMPs with a spin-dependent coupling mostly to protons. We consider both axial-vector andExpand
Update on Light WIMP Limits: LUX, lite and Light
We reexamine the current direct dark matter data including the recent CDMSlite and LUX data, assuming that the dark matter consists of light WIMPs, with mass close to 10 GeV/c2 with spin-independentExpand
Direct detection of light anapole and magnetic dipole DM
We present comparisons of direct detection data for ``light WIMPs'' with an anapole moment interaction (ADM) and a magnetic dipole moment interaction (MDM), both assuming the Standard Halo ModelExpand
Millicharge or Decay: A Critical Take on Minimal Dark Matter
Minimal Dark Matter (MDM) is a theoretical framework highly appreciated for its minimality and yet its predictivity. Of the two only viable candidates singled out in the original analysis, the scalarExpand
Discovering Technicolor
We provide a pedagogical introduction to extensions of the Standard Model in which the Higgs is composite. These extensions are known as models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking or, inExpand
Halo-independent analysis of direct detection data for light WIMPs
We present a halo-independent analysis of direct detection data on ``light WIMPs," i.e. weakly interacting massive particles with mass close to or below 10 GeV/c2. We include new results from siliconExpand
Update on the Halo-independent Comparison of Direct Dark Matter Detection Data☆
Abstract We briefly review the halo-independent formalism, that allows to compare data from different direct dark matter de- tection experiments without making assumptions on the properties of theExpand