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Getting the Evidence into Occupational Therapy Practice: A Review of the Process and Progress in Encouraging Evidence Based Practice in New Zealand
The process and progress undertaken by the profession in New Zealand to encourage occupational therapists to value incorporating evidence in everyday practice is revealed, and an exploration of the philosophy of EBP inNew Zealand is included.
Routes into a career in practice nursing: Trainee GPN perspective
The role that clinical supervision plays in increasing clinical competence and confidence of the trainee general practice nurses is addressed and two nurses are met who outline their distinct routes into a practice nursing career.
Managing workforce planning: Innovation in practice nursing
It is becoming more difficult to recruit experienced practice nurses, and this will get worse as more start to retire. in light of this, City and Hackney Gp Confederation devised a 12-month training
The contribution of occupation to children’s experience of resilience: A qualitative descriptive study
It is suggested that practitioners working with children should incorporate participation in occupation in social, health and education intervention plans with children, as well as use occupation based coping strategies when teaching children skills to manage challenges in life.
An evaluation of an innovative workforce development strategy
A shortage in the nursing population and increasing demands on general practice have left nurses in general practice facing challenges in providing high-quality care.
Could a focus on participation contribute to addressing child poverty in New Zealand? An occupational therapy perspective
What may be missing from the ‘child poverty discourse’ in New Zealand is the potential that a focus on participation could bring to creating sustainable solutions to addressing child poverty and
Critical moments in the transformation of occupational therapy practice
This paper aims to demonstrate the power of collective action in a transformative community of practice over 12 months and describes how this took place in the context of a youth-services agency.
SOS for nurse advisers.
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    Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great…
  • 22 June 2016
The plan to scrap the Department of Health's nursing and midwifery advisers shows a total disregard for nursing input.