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Mosaic Evolution of Subterranean Mammals: Regression, Progression, and Global Convergence
Life underground has evolved among different groups of mammals all over the globe. It is an extraordinary environment - with relatively constant temperature, few opportunities to meet organisms otherExpand
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Triticum dicoccoides: An important genetic resource for increasing zinc and iron concentration in modern cultivated wheat
Abstract One major strategy to increase the level of zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe) in cereal crops, is to exploit the natural genetic variation in seed concentration of these micronutrients. GenotypicExpand
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"Evolution Canyon": A Microcosm of Life's Evolution Focusing on Adaptation and Speciation
Local microcosmic natural laboratories, dubbed "Evolution Canyon" (EC) models, reinforce studies of regional and global macrocosmic ecological theaters across life and unravel evolution in action.Expand
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Molecular evolution and ecological stress at global, regional and local scales: The Israeli perspective
The enigma of genetic diversity and genome organization and evolution in nature has been investigated in plants and animals at the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Israel, during theExpand
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Spatiotemporal diversity of filamentous fungi in the hypersaline Dead Sea
To investigate the spatial and temporal diversity in the fungal community of the Dead Sea, we collected Dead Sea water samples at eight near-shore localities and at different stations offshore over aExpand
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Evolutionary biology of the genus Apodemus Kaup, 1829 in Israel. Allozymic and biometric analyses with description of a new species: Apodemus hermonensis (Rodentia, muridae)
Abstract Allozymic and biometric analyses were conducted on 195 speci mens belonging to the genus Apodemus from Israel. Genetic varia tion and differentiation were investigated by means ofExpand
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The genetic resources and diversities of wild emmer wheat, Triticum dicoccoides, the progenitor of almost all cultivated wheats, are reviewed, primarily based on the research program at the InstituteExpand
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Seismic communication in the blind subterranean mole‐rat: patterns of head thumping and of their detection in the Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies in Israel
Patterns of seismic communication and somatosensory responses were studied in four chromosomal species (2n= 52, 54, 58, 60) of blind subterranean mole-rats, belonging to the Spalax ehrenbergiExpand
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