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An Analytical Review of Different Approaches to Wastewater Discharge Standards with Particular Emphasis on Nutrients
Despite the implementation of strict legal standards concerning nutrient loads within wastewater discharges in all European Union (EU) Member States it was not possible to achieve good ecological andExpand
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Mitigation of eutrophication caused by wastewater discharge: A simulation-based approach
Mitigation of eutrophication, intensified by excessive nutrient load discharge in wastewaters regulated by restrictive legal requirements, remains one of today’s most important global problems.Expand
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Towards a sustainable approach to wastewater treatment strategy for eutrophication abatement
Eutrophication is one of the consequences of the negative anthropogenic impact on aquatic ecosystems. It leads to the degradation of both sweet and marine ecosystems, constituting a kind of secondaryExpand
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Towards Methodological Problems of Trophic State Assessment of Running Waters
Abstract Deep analysis of trophic state assessment methods has led to conclusion, that currently there is no universal methodology and existing methods are characterized by significant shortcomings.Expand
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The development of the eutrophication process in Dobczyce reservoir
Eutrophication is currently a global threat to all types of aquatic ecosystems leading to a disturbance of their ecological balance and a deterioration of water quality. This problem is especiallyExpand
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