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|Vub | from B →π ν decays and (2+1)-flavor lattice QCD
We present a lattice-QCD calculation of the B → πlν semileptonic form factors and a new determination of the CKM matrix element |Vub|. We use the MILC asqtad (2+1)-flavor lattice configurations at
Charmed and light pseudoscalar meson decay constants from four-flavor lattice QCD with physical light quarks
We compute the leptonic decay constants f D + , f D s , and f K + and the quark-mass ratios m c / m s and m s / m l in unquenched lattice QCD using the experimentally determined value of f π + for
B - and D -meson leptonic decay constants from four-flavor lattice QCD
We calculate the leptonic decay constants of heavy-light pseudoscalar mesons with charm and bottom quarks in lattice quantum chromodynamics on four-flavor QCD gauge-field configurations with
Nonperturbative investigations of SU(3) gauge theory with eight dynamical flavors
We present our lattice studies of SU(3) gauge theory with ${N}_{f}=8$ degenerate fermions in the fundamental representation. Using nHYP-smeared staggered fermions we study finite-temperature
Infrared Monitoring of the Microquasar GRS 1915+105: Detection of Orbital and Superhump Signatures
We present the results of 7 years of K-band monitoring of the low-mass X-ray binary GRS 1915+105. Positive correlations between the infrared flux and the X-ray flux and X-ray hardness are
Spectroscopy of SU(4) composite Higgs theory with two distinct fermion representations
We have simulated the SU(4) lattice gauge theory coupled to dynamical fermions in the fundamental and two-index antisymmetric (sextet) representations simultaneously. Such theories arise naturally in
Update of |Vcb | from the B ̄ →d* ν ̄ form factor at zero recoil with three-flavor lattice QCD UPDATE of |Vcb | from the ... JON A. BAILEY et al.
We compute the zero-recoil form factor for the semileptonic decay B¯0→D*+l−ν¯ (and modes related by isospin and charge conjugation) using lattice QCD with three flavors of sea quarks. We use an
Nonperturbative Renormalization of Operators in Near-Conformal Systems Using Gradient Flows.
We propose a continuous real space renormalization group transformation based on gradient flow, allowing for a numerical study of renormalization without the need for costly ensemble matching. We
$B$- and $D$-meson decay constants from three-flavor lattice QCD
We calculate the leptonic decay constants ofB (s) andD (s) mesons in lattice QCD using staggered light quarks and Fermilab bottom and charm quarks. We compute the heavy-light meson correlation