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A Very Simple Multiple Mixing Cell Calculation To Compute the Minimum Miscibility Pressure Whatever the Displacement Mechanism
In this paper, an easily computable algorithm, allowing the calculation of the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) whatever the displacement mechanism, is described. Such an algorithm is based on a
Ginkgolide and bilobalide biosynthesis in Ginkgo biloba. I : Sites of synthesis, translocation and accumulation of ginkgolides and bilobalide
Ginkgo biloba trees contain specific terpene compounds, ginkgolides (diterpene) and bilobalide (pentanorditerpene). Ginkgolide A (GA) and ginkgolide B (GB) are the main molecular forms of
Properly Defining the Classical Vaporizing and Condensing Mechanisms When a Gas Is Injected into a Crude Oil
In this paper, real crude oils are dealt with which are modeled with an average of 30 components. On the selected examples, neither the initial tie line, i.e., the tie line that extends through the
Pressure, Volume, and Temperature Calculations on an Indonesian Crude Oil Using Detailed NMR Analysis or a Predictive Method To Assess the Properties of the Heavy Fractions
A separation into aromatic and nonaromatic molecules was performed on an Indonesian oil mixture with each cut from C[sub 6] to C[sub 45]. Each fraction was carefully analyzed using the NMR technique.