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Hydromagnetic Dynamo Models
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Nanoflares and the solar X-ray corona
Observations of the sun with high time and spatial resolution in UV and X-rays show that the emission from small isolated magnetic bipoles is intermittent and impulsive, while the steadier emissionExpand
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Instability of Thermal Fields.
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Abstract : WITH CLASS G main sequence and M-giant stars are given for various interst llar environments. The supersonic wind from a class G star undergoes a shock transition to subsonic flow at aExpand
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Cosmic-Ray Modulation by Solar Wind
This chapter focuses on cosmic-ray modulation by solar wind. The hydrodynamic outflow of gas from the Sun as observed by Biermann results in a reduction of the cosmic-ray intensity in the inner solarExpand
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Why Do Stars Emit X Rays
The Sun was the first observed x‐ray star. In 1948 rocket‐borne instruments, carried out of the terrestrial atmosphere for only a few minutes at a time, detected solar x rays. Then in April 1960Expand
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Comment on ``Current Paths in the Corona and Energy Release in Solar Flares''
The dynamical behavior of an electrically conducting fluid containing a magnetic field B is described by Newton's and Maxwell's equations directly in terms of the momentum density, Reynolds stress,Expand
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The Acceleration of Particles to High Energy
The common occurrence, and often spectacular consequence, of fast particles in active astrophysical bodies has attracted the attention of physicists for more than four decades. The accelerationExpand
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The occasional reversal of the geomagnetic field
Cyclonic convective cell fluctuation and nonuniform core rotation effects on reversal of geomagnetic field, investigating fossil magnetism
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