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[Gestagens and the brain].
Special attention is given to analysis of progesterone and metabolite neuroprotective activity in CNS, such as anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects, and participation in neurogenesis regulation. Expand
Features of the pharmacological actions and the use of dipyridamole in the prevention and treatment of viral infections
This document is intended to assist in the preparation of future studies on sustainable development in the face of natural disasters. Expand
[Review of current and future directions of antiviral therapy of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in Russia].
The results of the review demonstrate the need for continued research of medications with combined antiviral and pathogenetic effects on the infectious process caused by influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. Expand
Effects of Histochrome on P53 Expression in Mouse Red Bone Marrow Cells in a Model of Chronic Stress
The clinical efficacy of the formulation Histochrome cannot be explained solely on the basis of its antioxidant properties. With the aim of identifying possible additional mechanisms of action of theExpand
Synthesis and Cytostatic Activity of some Pregna-D′-Pentaranes on HeLa Cell Culture
The effects of nine new pregnane steroids containing substituents in the 16α,17α- and/or 3-, 6-, and 19-positions of the steroid framework on the viability of HeLa cervical cancer cells were studied.Expand
[Estrogens and brain].
Detailed descriptions of properties of classical and membrane bound estradiol receptors, that maintain gene expression regulation, modulation of neurotransmittent systems and signal cascade activation in neuronal cells are given. Expand
Sex steroid receptors in the myometrium in cesarean section
No significant differences were revealed in estradiol and progesterone reception in the myometria of parturients with and without competent cicatrices on the uterus in patients subjected to planned cesarean section. Expand
Relative Binding Activity of New Antigestagens with Progesterone Receptors in Human Hyperplastic Endometrium
Hyperplasia of the endometrium was accompanied by changes in affinity of cytosolic progesterone receptors for antigestagens, which provides the possibility of individual correction of hormone therapy. Expand