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[Sulfur and iron cycling bacteria in low-sulfate meromictic Lake Kuznechikha].
The hydrochemical characteristics, the composition of species and the localization of bacterial species involved in oxidation of sulfide and ferrous salts were studied in the meromictic LakeExpand
[Microbiologic processes in meromictic Lake Sakovo].
Sulfur bacteria may be possibly supplied with supplied with sulfide by syntrophism with sulfate reducing and sulfur reducing bacteria as well as by diffusion of H2S from the sediments. Expand
[Fractionation of stable sulfur isotopes during microbiological processes in Slavyansk lakes].
The isotope and microbiological data suggest that, in the zone of mass growth of the phototrophic sulphur bacteria in the lake Repnoe, there are two processes of fractionation: due to the bacterial reduction of sulphates; and due to anaerobic oxidation of hydrogen sulphide, resulting in the enrichment of Hydrogen sulphide with the light isotope 32S by 5 to 7 promille. Expand