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Three-dimensional Simulations of Mixing Instabilities in Supernova Explosions
We present the first three-dimensional (3D) simulations of the large-scale mixing that takes place in the shock-heated stellar layers ejected in the explosion of a 15.5 M ? blue supergiant star. The
Instabilities and clumping in SN 1987A. I, Early evolution in two dimensions
This paper presents new calculations of instabilities, mixing, and clumping in the ejecta of SN 1987A, which are an extension of calculations published of Arnett et al. (1989) and which make it
Equation-of-state dependent features in shock-oscillation modulated neutrino and gravitational-wave signals from supernovae
We present two-dimensional (axisymmetric) neutrino-hydrodynamic simulations of the long-time accretion phase of a 15 Mprogen- itor star after core bounce and before the launch of a supernova
Three-dimensional simulations of core-collapse supernovae: from shock revival to shock breakout
We present 3D simulations of core-collapse supernovae from blast-wave initiation by the neutrino-driven mechanism to shock breakout from the stellar surface, considering two 15 Msun red supergiants
Relativistic simulations of rotational core collapse I. Methods, initial models, and code tests
We describe an axisymmetric general relativistic code for rotational core collapse. The code evolves the coupled system of metric and fluid equations using the ADM 3 + 1 formalism and a conformally
The exact solution of the Riemann problem with non-zero tangential velocities in relativistic hydrodynamics
We have generalized the exact solution of the Riemann problem in special relativistic hydrodynamics (Martí & Müller 1994) for arbitrary tangential flow velocities. The solution is obtained by solving
Exploring the relativistic regime with Newtonian hydrodynamics: an improved effective gravitational potential for supernova simulations
We investigate the possibility approximating relativistic effects in hydrodynamical simulations of stellar core collapse and post-bounce evolution by using a modified gravitational potential in an
Dynamics and gravitational wave signature of axisymmetric rotational core collapse
We have carried out a comprehensive parameter study of the dynamics of rotational core collapse in massive stars. The iron cores have been approximated by axisymmet- ric rotating =4 =3 polytropes in
Gravitational wave signals from 3D neutrino hydrodynamics simulations of core-collapse supernovae
We present gravitational wave (GW) signal predictions from four 3D multi-group neutrino hydrodynamics simulations of core-collapse supernovae of progenitors with 11.2 Msun, 20 Msun, and 27 Msun. GW
Relativistic outflows from remnants of compact object mergers and their viability for short gamma-ray bursts
We present the first general relativistic hydrodynamic models of the launch and evolution of relativistic jets and winds, driven by thermal energy deposition, possibly due to neutrino-antineutrino