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Pivotal trial with plant cell-expressed recombinant glucocerebrosidase, taliglucerase alfa, a novel enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher disease.
Taliglucerase alfa (Protalix Biotherapeutics, Carmiel, Israel) is a novel plant cell-derived recombinant human β-glucocerebrosidase for Gaucher disease. A phase 3, double-blind, randomized,Expand
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A small domain (6.5 kDa) of bacterial protein G inhibits C3 covalent binding to the Fc region of IgG immune complexes
Attachment of the complement component C3 to antigen‐antibody (Ag‐Ab) complexes (immune complexes, IC) is the key molecular event responsible for the elimination of many Ag in the form of Ag‐Ab‐C3b.Expand
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The covalent interaction of C3 with IgG immune complexes.
Antigens (Ags) are converted into immune complexes (antigen-antibody complexes, IC) as soon as they encounter their specific antibodies (Abs). In fluids containing complement, the process of ICExpand
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The C(H)1 domain of IgG is not essential for C3 covalent binding: importance of the other constant domains as targets for C3.
The covalent binding of C3 to antigen-antibody complexes [immune complexes (IC)] plays a pivotal role in the elimination of antigens. C3 prevents the formation of large IC lattices promoting theirExpand
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Long‐term efficacy and safety results of taliglucerase alfa up to 36 months in adult treatment‐naïve patients with Gaucher disease
Taliglucerase alfa is an intravenous enzyme replacement therapy approved for treatment of type 1 Gaucher disease (GD), and is the first available plant cell–expressed recombinant therapeutic protein.Expand
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Bioactive alkenylphenols from Piper obliquum.
Various parts of Piper obliquum Ruíz & Pavon yielded the new alkenylphenols obliquol A (1) and obliquol B (2), the new 4-chromanone 3 together with the known compounds 4 and 5. A synthesis ofExpand
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Long-term safety and efficacy data of taliglucerase alfa, a Plant cell-expressed recombinant glucocerebrosidase, in the treatment of naïve Gaucher disease patients: 36-Month Results
Taliglucerase alfa is a beta-glucocerebrosidase enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) that is approved in the USA, Israel, and Uruguay for the treatment of Gaucher disease (GD) in adults, and is the firstExpand
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Zimran A, Brill-Almon E, Chertkoff R, et al. Pivotal trial with plant cell–expressed recombinant glucocerebrosidase, taliglucerase alfa, a novel enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher disease. Blood.
On page 5767 in the 24 November 2011 issue, there are errors in the affiliations. The affiliation of the eleventh author (Heitner) is misspelled. The correct affiliation is University ofExpand
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Long-term ef fi cacy and safety results of taliglucerase alfa through 5 years in adult treatment-naïve patients with Gaucher disease
a Gaucher Clinic, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel b Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile c CIBERER, HospitalExpand
Quimioterapia intensa frente a quimioterapia paliativa en pacientes con leucemia mieloblástica mayores de 60 años
Introduccion: el tratamiento con quimioterapia intensa (QTI) en pacientes con leucemia mieloblastica (LMA) mayores de 60 anos es controversial. En el presente estudio se evaluo la remision completa yExpand