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Evaluation of minor element concentrations in potatoes using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy ☆
We have performed spectroscopic analysis of the plasma generated by Nd:YAG laser irradiation of flesh and skin of fresh potatoes. From the spectra recorded with an Echelle spectrometer 11 minorExpand
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The validation of a new high throughput method for determination of chloramphenicol in milk using liquid–liquid extraction with low temperature partitioning (LLE-LTP) and isotope-dilution liquid
Chloramphenicol (CAP) is an antibiotic banned for treatment of food-producing animals. The minimum required performance limit (MRPL) of 0.3 μg kg−1 for analytical methods was set by the EuropeanExpand
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On the stoichiometry of mass transfer from solid to plasma during pulsed laser ablation of brass
Abstract We have performed spectroscopic analysis of the plasma produced by pulsed laser ablation of brass in a low pressure argon atmosphere. The intensities of several spectral lines of copper,Expand
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Accumulation of air in polymeric materials investigated by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
We report on spectroscopic analyses of plasmas produced by laser irradiation of nitrogen-free and nitrogen-containing polymer materials. Ultraviolet laser pulses of 5 ns duration and 4 mJ energy wereExpand
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The results of an optical emission diagnostics of helium LIBS plasma are pre- sented. The average axial plasma electron density of 5.2 10 16 cm -3 is determined after Abel inversion from the peakExpand