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Monsoon response to changes in Earth's orbital parameters: comparisons between simulations of the Eemian and of the Holocene
Abstract. Monsoon is the major manifestation of the seasonal cycle in the tropical regions, and there is a wide range of evidence from marine and terrestrial data that monsoon characteristics areExpand
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Persistent influence of ice sheet melting on high northern latitude climate during the early Last Interglacial
Although the Last Interglacial (LIG) is often considered as a possible analogue for future climate in high latitudes , its precise climate evolution and associated causes remain uncertain. Here weExpand
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Impact of freshwater release in the North Atlantic under different climate conditions in an OAGCM
Abstract The response of climate to freshwater input in the North Atlantic (NA) has raised a lot of concern about the issue of climate stability since the discovery of abrupt coolings during the lastExpand
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