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‘How do you know he's not playing Pac-Man while he's supposed to be DJing?’: technology, formats and the digital future of DJ culture
In light of the growing literature on DJ culture, this article explores how technological change is having a significant impact on specific areas of music production and distribution withinExpand
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DJ Culture in the Commercial Sydney Dance Music Scene
The development of contemporary, post-disco dance music and its associated culture, as representative of a (supposedly) underground, radical subculture, has been given extensive consideration withinExpand
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Space, place, sound and sociability: Situating South African jazz appreciation societies
Among the contrasting post-colonial music scenes to have emerged in South Africa during the transition from apartheid, voluntary associations of jazz lovers – known as stokvels, clubs or appreciationExpand
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The Sydney club scene and the sampling of global electronic dance music culture
Fusing sample-based literature and scene-centered discussion, this chapter explores sampling in the context of the industry logics that underpin scene formation. Based on a decade of ethnographicExpand
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"Let them go and listen for themselves": The rise and rise of the citizen critic
This paper looks at issues of authority in the music blogosphere with particular focus on the main differences between the authority of traditional music critics and the authority of citizen critics.Expand
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Talking timba: On the politics of black popular music in and around Cuba
This paper discusses the case of Cuban timba, the most distinctive popular style to emerge from Cuba during the 1990s, which presented itself as emphatically escapist, but became intensely politicalExpand
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The Afrikaans folk song brand
The Afrikaans popular music industry is regarded as one of the most financially lucrative South African music industries. One of the sources for creating and recreating Afrikaans popular hit songsExpand