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Identification of diverse innate lymphoid cells in human decidua
Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are developmentally related cells that play an important role in innate defenses and tissue remodeling. So far, only natural killer (NK) cells have been identified andExpand
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Human NK cell receptors/markers: A tool to analyze NK cell development, subsets and function
Natural killer (NK) cells are important components of the innate immunity and play a key role in host defense by virtue of their ability to release cytokines and to mediate cytolytic activity againstExpand
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CD34+ hematopoietic precursors are present in human decidua and differentiate into natural killer cells upon interaction with stromal cells
Natural killer (NK) cells are the main lymphoid population in the maternal decidua during the first trimester of pregnancy. Decidual NK (dNK) cells display a unique functional profile and play a keyExpand
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Human RORγt(+)CD34(+) cells are lineage-specified progenitors of group 3 RORγt(+) innate lymphoid cells.
Group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s) are defined by the expression of the transcription factor RORγt, which is selectively required for their development. The lineage-specified progenitors of ILC3sExpand
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Unique Eomes+ NK Cell Subsets Are Present in Uterus and Decidua During Early Pregnancy
Decidual and uterine natural killer (NK) cells have been shown to contribute to the successful pregnancy both in humans and mice. NK cells represent “cytotoxic” group 1 innate lymphoid cells (ILCs)Expand
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Group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s): Origin, differentiation, and plasticity in humans and mice.
Since their discovery, innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) have been the subject of intense research. As their name implies, ILCs are innate cells of lymphoid origin, and can be grouped into subsets basedExpand
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Immune response in the conjunctival epithelium of patients with dry eye.
The aim of our project was to test the hypothesis that patients with dry eye have a significant degree of inflammation and lymphocyte infiltration in conjunctival epithelium by using flow cytometryExpand
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Human NK cells at early stages of differentiation produce CXCL8 and express CD161 molecule that functions as an activating receptor.
Human natural killer (NK) cell development is a step-by-step process characterized by phenotypically identified stages. CD161 is a marker informative of the NK cell lineage commitment, whereas CD56,Expand
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Immune signature drives leukemia escape and relapse after hematopoietic cell transplantation
Transplantation of hematopoietic cells from a healthy individual (allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (allo-HCT)) demonstrates that adoptive immunotherapy can cure blood cancers: still,Expand
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Human Natural Killer Cells: Origin, Receptors, Function, and Clinical Applications
Natural killer (NK) cells are important effectors playing a relevant role in innate immunity, primarily in tumor surveillance and in defenses against viruses. Human NK cells recognize HLA class IExpand
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