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New Digital Musical Instruments: Control And Interaction Beyond the Keyboard (Computer Music and Digital Audio Series)
It's coming again, the new collection that this site has, and the favorite new digital musical instruments control and interaction beyond the keyboard computer music and digital audio series book is offered today. Expand
Composing Music with Computers
This book discusses music composition software on the CD-ROM, computer music: facing the facts, and a primer in Lisp programming. Expand
Constraint programming systems for modeling music theories and composition
This survey compares generic music constraint programming systems according to a number of criteria such as the range of music theories these systems support, and introduces the field and its problems in general. Expand
A new model of sensorimotor coupling in the development of speech
A computational model is presented that learns a coupling between motor parameters and their sensory consequences in vocal production during a babbling phase and develops motor mirror neurons that are active when an external sound is perceived. Expand
A survey of computer systems for expressive music performance
We present a survey of research into automated and semiautomated computer systems for expressive performance of music. We will examine the motivation for such systems and then examine the majority ofExpand
Brain-computer music interface for composition and performance
A new brain-computer interface (BCI) system that uses electroencephalogram (EEG) information to steer generative rules to compose and perform music and employs its own adapted version of a machine-learning technique based on ATNs for the computer-replication of musical styles. Expand
Interfacing the Brain Directly with Musical Systems: On Developing Systems for Making Music with Brain Signals
The authors present a technical introduction to the electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures brainwaves detected by electrodes placed directly on the scalp, and introduces approaches to the design of BCI and BCMI systems and presents two case study systems of their own design. Expand
Toward Direct Brain-Computer Musical Interfaces
This report will outline the directions of the current research and results and believe will lead to the possibility of direct brain-computer interfaces for rich and expressive musical control. Expand
Plymouth brain-computer music interfacing project: from EEG audio mixers to composition informed by cognitive neuroscience
  • E. Miranda
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Arts Technol.
  • 8 April 2010
This paper reports the current level of development achieved by our research into brain-computer music interfacing (BCMI), which is aimed at special needs and Music Therapy, in addition to theExpand