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Biomonitoring of Occupational Exposure to Total Arsenic and Total Mercury in Urine of Goldmine Workers in Southwestern Ghana
Biomonitoring of total arsenic and total mercury in the urine of goldmine workers in south-western Ghana due to occupational exposure was conducted to determine whether occupational exposureExpand
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The effects of milling on corn flour using instrumental neutron activation analyses: a case study of three selected corn millers within Accra metropolis, Ghana
A B ST R A C T Most Ghanaian foods are made from maize. Unfortunately, certain diets made from the cereal cannot be produced without processing the maize into flour. The corn mill has been the mostExpand
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Neutron flux distribution in the irradiation channels of Am–Be neutron source irradiation facility
Abstract Monte Carlo (MCNP-5) simulations of the neutron fluxes were performed to determine the radial and axial neutron fluxes of the two irradiation sites of the 20 Ci 241 Am–Be neutron irradiationExpand
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Neutron flux determination in irradiation sites of an Am-Be neutron source at NNRI
Abstract Neutron flux measurements and flux distribution parameters for two irradiation sites of an Am–Be neutron source irradiator were measured by using gold (Au), zirconium (Zr) and aluminum (Al)Expand
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Determination of the Concentration of Essential Elements in Pleurotus Ostreatus Cultivated on Valisneria Arthiopica as a Supplementary Substrate to Sawdust using Instrumental Neutron Activation
Mushrooms are excellent nutritional and medicinal sources in the environment. This study has sought to conduct an analysis of the concentration of the essential elements in the mushroom sample thatExpand
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Thermal neutron cross section determination of short-to-medium lived nuclides using a 20 Ci Am–Be neutron source
Abstract While there are growing demands for the nuclear data at higher energy regions than keV for up-to-date scientific and technological development, accurate capture cross sections at thermalExpand
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Operational Safety Experience of Ghana Research Reactor-1 and Its Impact on the Nuclear Power Program in Ghana
Ghana has operated her miniature neutron source reactor with careful adherence to safety standards. Reactor's safety features have proven efficient and several efforts are underway at the Centre toExpand
Design of a large irradiation channel at MNSR facility in Ghana
Abstract In the design of new slant tube for large sample irradiation in the Ghana Research Reactor-1 facility, Monte Carlo N-Particle Code version 5 (MCNP-5) was employed to simulate the neutronExpand
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Re-design of irradition channels in americium-beryllium (Am-Be) neutron irradiation facility in NNRI using MCNP
Introduction The development of appropriate instrumentation to perform neutron activation analysis can be very useful in the simultaneous determination of elements in complex samples of severalExpand
Investigation into the effects of zircaloy-4 on the neutronics of low enriched uranium MNSR core
Abstract International concerns on the use of HEU powered reactors for peaceful uses have driven the coordination of core conversion studies. The study has helped develop prospective LEU cores forExpand
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