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The Underside of Modernity: Apel, Ricoeur, Rorty, Taylor and the Philosophy of Liberation
The underside of modernity: Apel, Ricoeur, Rorty, Taylor, and the philosophy of liberation , The underside of modernity: Apel, Ricoeur, Rorty, Taylor, and the philosophy of liberation , مرکز فناوریExpand
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Take Care of Freedom and Truth Will Take Care of Itself: Interviews with Richard Rorty
@fmct:Contents @toc4:Acknowledgments iii Introduction @tocca:Eduardo Mendieta iii @toc2:1 The Quest for Uncertainty: Richard Rorty's Pilgrimage 000 2 From Philosophy to Postphilosophy 000 3Expand
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From imperial to dialogical cosmopolitanism
We can now survey the ruins of a Babelian tower of discourse about cosmopolitanism. We speak of ‘elite travel lounge,’ ‘Davos,’ ‘banal’ as well as of ‘reflexive,’ ‘really existing,’ ‘patriotic,’ andExpand
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Phenomenology of Chicana Experience and Identity: Communication and Transformation in Praxis (review)
the lack of public recognition, social capital, and material reward for work likely to fall upon women. Under Williams’s proposal, carework remains an appendage of market labor. We might insteadExpand
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Twenty Theses on Politics
First published in Spanish in 2006, Twenty Theses on Politics is a major statement on political philosophy from Enrique Dussel, one of Latin America’s—and the world’s—most important philosophers, andExpand
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Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Nationality
identities race class gender and nationality ihoney identities race class gender and nationality quafe identities race class gender and nationality louduk identities race class gender and nationalityExpand
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Invisible cities: A phenomenology of globalization from below
That the city consumes its hinterland, its outlying areas of supply and its cultures and people seems, at best, an overstatement. And yet it is a formulation that Eduardo Mendieta arrives at as aExpand
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Beyond Philosophy: Ethics, History, Marxism, and Liberation Theology
Part 1 I. General Hypotheses Chapter 2 Domination-Liberation: A New Approach Chapter 3 The Bread of the Eucharist Celebration as a Sign of Justice in the Community Chapter 4 The "World-System":Expand
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Religion and Rationality: Essays on Reason, God and Modernity
This important new volume brings together Jurgen Habermas's key writings on religion and religious belief. In these essays, Habermas explores the relations between Christian and Jewish thought, onExpand
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Being-with as Making Worlds: The ‘Second Coming’ of Peter Sloterdijk
This introductory essay provides a background to the writings of Peter Sloterdijk. It begins with a discussion of writings translated into English in the late 1980s—the Critique of Cynical Reason andExpand
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