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Ten principles for a landscape approach to reconciling agriculture, conservation, and other competing land uses
“Landscape approaches” seek to provide tools and concepts for allocating and managing land to achieve social, economic, and environmental objectives in areas where agriculture, mining, and otherExpand
Evolution and phylogeny of old world deer.
The phylogenetic pattern and timing of the radiation of Old World deer was determined based on the complete mitochondrial cytochrome b gene from 33 Cervinae taxa. Using rooted and unrootedExpand
Our vanishing relative : the status of wild orang-utans at the close of the twentieth century
Acknowledgements. Summary. Section I: The orang-utan. Introduction. A history of the orang-utan's distribution. Ecology and natural history. A history of hunting and poaching. History of orang-utanExpand
The impacts and opportunities of oil palm in Southeast Asia: What do we know and what do we need to know?
The ongoing expansion of oil palm plantations in the humid tropics, especially in Southeast Asia, is generating considerable concern and debate. Amid industry and environmental campaigners' claims,Expand
Four Decades of Forest Persistence, Clearance and Logging on Borneo
The native forests of Borneo have been impacted by selective logging, fire, and conversion to plantations at unprecedented scales since industrial-scale extractive industries began in the earlyExpand
Rapid conversions and avoided deforestation: examining four decades of industrial plantation expansion in Borneo
New plantations can either cause deforestation by replacing natural forests or avoid this by using previously cleared areas. The extent of these two situations is contested in tropical biodiversityExpand
Mammals of south‐east Asian islands and their Late Pleistocene environments
Aim The environments that existed in south-east Asian islands during the last glacial are poorly known, limiting our understanding of mammalian biogeography in the region. The objective of thisExpand
Borneo and Indochina are major evolutionary hotspots for Southeast Asian biodiversity.
Tropical Southeast (SE) Asia harbors extraordinary species richness and in its entirety comprises four of the Earth's 34 biodiversity hotspots. Here, we examine the assembly of the SE Asian biotaExpand
Conservation in a Wicked Complex World; Challenges and Solutions
Most conservation challenges are complex and possess all the characteristics of so called “wicked” problems. Despite widespread recognition of this complexity conservationists possess a legacy ofExpand