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Anomalous Transport from Kubo Formulae
Chiral anomalies have profound impact on the transport properties of relativistic fluids. In four dimensions there are different types of anomalies, pure gauge and mixed gauge-gravitational
Holographic gravitational anomaly and chiral vortical effect
We analyze a holographic model with a pure gauge and a mixed gauge-gravitational Chern-Simons term in the action. These are the holographic implementations of the usual chiral and the mixed
Gravitational anomaly and transport phenomena.
The Kubo formula for the anomalous vortical conductivity at weak coupling is evaluated and it is shown that it receives contributions proportional to the gravitational anomaly coefficient.
Naturally light dilatons from nearly marginal deformations
A bstractWe discuss the presence of a light dilaton in CFTs deformed by a nearlymarginal operator O$$ \mathcal{O} $$, in the holographic realizations consisting of confining RG flows that end on a
Frequency dependence of the Chiral Vortical Effect
We study the frequency dependence of all the chiral vortical and magnetic conductivities for a relativistic gas of free chiral fermions and for a strongly coupled conformal field theory with
Holographic gravitational anomaly in first and second order hydrodynamics
A bstractWe compute, in the framework of the fluid/gravity correspondence, the transport coefficients of a relativistic fluid affected by chiral and gauge-gravitational anomalies, including external
Thermal heat kernel expansion and the one-loop effective action of QCD at finite temperature
The heat kernel expansion for field theory at finite temperature is constructed. It is based on the imaginary time formalism and applies to generic Klein-Gordon operators in flat space-time. Full
Cosmological phase transitions in warped space: gravitational waves and collider signatures
A bstractWe study the electroweak phase transition within a 5D warped model including a scalar potential with an exponential behavior, and strong back-reaction over the metric, in the infrared. By
A natural origin for the LHCb anomalies
A bstractThe anomalies recently found by the LHCb collaboration in B-meson decays seem to point towards the existence of new physics coupled non-universally to muons and electrons. We show that a