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The DeLone and McLean Model of Information Systems Success: A Ten-Year Update
This paper discusses many of the important IS success research contributions of the last decade, focusing especially on research efforts that apply, validate, challenge, and propose enhancements to the original model. Expand
Information Systems Success: The Quest for the Dependent Variable
A large number of studies have been conducted during the last decade and a half attempting to identify those factors that contribute to information systems success. However, the dependent variable inExpand
Measuring information systems success: models, dimensions, measures, and interrelationships
This work builds on the prior research related to IS success by summarizing the measures applied to the evaluation of IS success and by examining the relationships that comprise the D&M IS success model in both individual and organizational contexts. Expand
Measuring e-Commerce Success: Applying the DeLone & McLean Information Systems Success Model
The DeLone & McLean Information Systems Success Model can be adapted to the measurement challenges of the new e-commerce world and the six dimensions of the updated model are a parsimonious framework for organizing the e- commerce success metrics identified in the literature. Expand
Information Systems Success: The Quest for the Independent Variables
This research identifies 43 specific variables posited to influence the different dimensions of IS success, and organizes these success factors into five categories based on the Leavitt Diamond of Organizational Change: task characteristics, user characteristics, social characteristics, project characteristics, and organizational characteristics. Expand
Information systems success revisited
This paper reviews and analyzes over 150 articles which have referenced the DeLone & McLean IS success model over the past eight years and proposes a Reformulated IS Success Model which recognizes and incorporates those contributions. Expand
Expertise Integration and Creativity in Information Systems Development
It is shown that the compositional and relational attributes of ISD project teams--diverse specialized knowledge in a team, the quality of intrateam working relationships, and members' cross-domain absorptive capacity--do not engender creativity by themselves; they do so primarily because they enhance integration of individual knowledge at the project level. Expand
A meta-analytic assessment of the DeLone and McLean IS success model: An examination of IS success at the individual level
Support is found for the relationships that encompass the model of IS success by aggregating the results of 52 empirical studies that examined relationships within the IS success model at the individual level of analysis. Expand
Key Issues for IT Executives
Information Systems Success Measurement
This monograph covers the history of IS success measurement as well as recent trends and future expectations forIS success measurement, and identifies the critical success factors that drive information system success and provides measurement and evaluation guidance for practitioners. Expand