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The Codetermination Bargains: The History of German Corporate and Labour Law
Why does codetermination exist in Germany? Law and economics theories have contended that if there were no legal compulsion, worker participation in corporate governance would be ‘virtuallyExpand
Corporate governance for sustainability : Statement
The current model of corporate governance needs reform. There is mounting evidence that the practices of shareholder primacy drive company directors and executives to adopt the same short timeExpand
Should Agency Workers Be Treated Differently?
The EU Temporary and Agency Work Directive created a right of equal treatment on working time and pay for agency workers compared to direct workers. This article asks, what justifications are thereExpand
Will Robots Automate Your Job Away? Full Employment, Basic Income, and Economic Democracy
Will the internet, robotics and artificial intelligence mean a 'jobless future'? A recent narrative says tomorrow's technology will fundamentally differ from cotton mills, steam engines, or washingExpand
Donoghue v. Salomon in the High Court
Chandler v. Cape plc decided that a parent company was liable for asbestos injuries of an insolvent subsidiary’s employee, because the parent could exercise control over the subsidiary. This articleExpand
Fascism-Lite in America (or the Social Ideal of Donald Trump)
What explains the election for the 45th president? There has been grave concern, raised since Citizens United v. FEC, that corporate money is corrupting democracy. Many commentators have even beenExpand
Ideals of the Corporation and the Nexus of Contracts
What is 'the fundamental nature of the laws' that govern ‘public corporations in the United States and the United Kingdom’? This review article explores the 'nexus of contracts' view of theExpand
Participation in Corporate Governance
Over the last thirty years there has been a remarkable functional convergence in the way companies are run. Behind directors, asset managers and banks usually participate the most in setting theExpand
The Social Role of Private Law (Otto von Gierke, 1889)
'The Social Role of Private Law' was a public lecture given by Otto von Gierke in 1889 as a leading critique of the codification of private law in the German Civil Code. Although highly influentialExpand
Could Brexit be Void?
Could Brexit be void, and article 50 notification annulled, because of illegality and irregularity in the vote? This paper discusses the implications of three major reports issued in July 2018.Expand