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Ribozyme Activity of RNA Nonenzymatically Polymerized from 3′, 5′-Cyclic GMP
We report a reaction carried out by nonenzymatically generated oligoG RNAs in a base-catalyzed reaction affording G oligonucleotides. Expand
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A Novel Synthesis of Biomolecular Precursors
We discuss the role of formamide, a product of hydrolysis of hydrogen cyanide (HCN), as precursor of relevant components of nucleic acids in prebiotic conditions and describe the efficient synthesisExpand
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Rifampicin Sensitivity of the Components of DNA-dependent RNA Polymerase
The phosphocellulose component of RNA polymerase binds the first nucleotide when synthesis of an RNA chain is initiated
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Telomeric transcriptional silencing in a natural context
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The Effects of Borate Minerals on the Synthesis of Nucleic Acid Bases, Amino Acids and Biogenic Carboxylic Acids from Formamide
The thermal condensation of formamide in the presence of mineral borates is reported. The products afforded are precursors of nucleic acids, amino acids derivatives and carboxylic acids. TheExpand
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Gene expression pathways induced by axotomy and decentralization of rat superior cervical ganglion neurons
To identify genes potentially involved in remodelling synaptic connections, we induced the temporary detachment of pre‐ and post‐synaptic elements by axotomy or denervation of rat superior cervicalExpand
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Catalytic effects of Murchison Material: Prebiotic Synthesis and Degradation of RNA Precursors
Mineral components of the Murchison meteorite were investigated in terms of potential catalytic effects on synthetic and hydrolytic reactions related to ribonucleic acid. We found that the mineralExpand
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Chemical method for DNA sequence determination from the 5'-extremity on PCR amplified fragments
We have previously described a protocol for the chemical sequencing of 3'-labelled DNA (1), further developed for onelane fluorescent DNA analysis (2). Expand
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About a Formamide-Based Origin of Informational Polymers: Syntheses of Nucleobases and Favourable Thermodynamic Niches for Early Polymers
Formamide NH2CHO chemistry provides a unitary frame into which several pieces of the origin-of-life puzzle may be adjusted. Synthetic processes were uncovered which, starting from formamide andExpand
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