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Drainage in elective cholecystectomy.
This randomized, prospective study evaluates drainage of the subhepatic space in patients undergoing simple, uncomplicated cholecystectomy. One hundred twenty-two patients were divided into openExpand
First case report of human infection with Mycobacterium stomatepiae
Introduction We describe the first detailed case report of human infection with Mycobacterium stomatepiae. Infection with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) related to M. stomatepiae is wellExpand
Regulatory T lymphocytes are associated with increased nasopharyngeal colonization in children.
OBJECTIVES Regulatory T lymphocytes (Treg) have been linked to survival of commensal bacteria at mucosal sites, but their presence and role in chronic otitis media (COM) and their response toExpand
Otopathogen interactions in the nasopharynx of children, and the predictive value of nasopharyngeal aspirate culture for the aetiology of upper respiratory infections.
AIM To evaluate nasopharyngeal aspirate cultures for screening otopathogen carriage in the adenoid in children 2-7 years of age. METHODS Thirty-seven children, 2-7 years of age, scheduled forExpand