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Bottleneck effects and the depression of genetic variability in hatchery stocks of Penaeus japonicus (Crustacea, Decapoda)
Aquaculture of Penaeus japonicus is developing in Italy at a production level. Genetic analysis of the founder stock and five subsequent hatchery generations revealed a constant reduction in levelsExpand
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Molecular systematics and phylogeography in the fairy shrimp Tanymastix stagnalis based on mitochondrial DNA
Patterns of sequence divergence in about 1 kb of mitochondrial DNA coding for two genes (16s rRNA and cytochrome oxidase I, COI) were analysed in 13 populations of the fairy shrimp TanymastixExpand
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Secondary sympatric occurrence of sibling species of subterranean shrimps in the Karst
Allozyme variation at 32 gene loci was studied in cave dwelling shrimps of the genus Troglocaris (fam. Atyidae). Populations were collected from several caves and wells belonging to differentExpand
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Large-scale mitochondrial phylogeography in the halophilic fairy shrimp Phallocryptus spinosa (Milne-Edwards, 1840) (Branchiopoda: Anostraca)
Abstract.In this study we analyzed patterns of sequence divergence in about 1kb of mitochondrial DNA coding for two genes (16S rRNA and Cytochrome Oxidase I, COI) in 15 populations and 61 individualsExpand
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Speciation, genetic divergence and palaeogeography in the hormogastridae
Abstract The genus Hormogaster includes a few species of earthworms, whose disjunct areas of distribution are of great interest. Three of them— H. redii , H. pretiosa and H. samnitica —occur in theExpand
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Allozymic variability and biogeographic relationships in two Leuciscus species complexes (Cyprinidae) from southern Europe, with the rehabilitation of the genus Telestes Bonaparte
Abstract Genetic variability was assessed in eight populations belonging to the Leuciscus souffla complex and in nine populations of Leuciscus cephalus, sampled in France, Italy and Greece and in oneExpand
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Divergenza genetica tra popolazioni e specie ipogee ed epigee di Niphargus (Crustacea, Amphipoda)
VALERIO SBORDONI, MARINA COBOLLI SBORDONI e ELVIRA DE MATTHAEIS Istituto di Zoologia dell’Universitz‘1 di Roma Dive-rgenza genetiea tra popolazioni e specie ipogee ed epigee di Niphargus (Crustacea,Expand
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Genetic divergence between populations and species of talitrids from Aegean islands
Allozymic variation was studied in one population of Orchestia gammarellus, five populations of O. montagui, six populations of Talitrus saltator, and one population of Talorchestia deshayesiiExpand
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Temporal and spatial distribution of three supralittoral amphipod species on a sandy beach of central Italy
The distribution of three talitrid species—Talitrus saltator (Montagu, 1808), Orchestia gammarella (Pallas, 1766), Platorchestia platensis (Kroyer, 1845)—in the beach-dune system at the mouth of theExpand
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Population structure and dynamics of insecticide resistance genes in Culex pipiens populations from Italy
We have studied the distribution of resistance genes in relation to genetic structure and gene flow between field populations of Culex pipiens from Italy. Electrophoretic polymorphism of 12 supposedExpand
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