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Ignition of turbulent non-premixed flames
Abstract The initiation of turbulent non-premixed combustion of gaseous fuels through autoignition and through spark ignition is reviewed, motivated by the increasing relevance of these phenomena forExpand
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Experimental investigation of the nonlinear response of turbulent premixed flames to imposed inlet velocity oscillations
This paper describes an experimental investigation of acoustically forced lean premixed turbulent bluff-body-stabilised flames in an enclosure short enough so that no coupling of the combustorExpand
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An experimental study of hydrogen autoignition in a turbulent co-flow of heated air
Abstract The autoignition behaviour of hydrogen in a turbulent co-flow of heated air at atmospheric pressures was examined experimentally. Turbulent flows of air, with temperatures up to 1015 K andExpand
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Turbulent combustion modeling : advances, new trends and perspectives
Preface Table of Contents List of Contributors Part I Introductory Concepts: 1 The Role of Combustion Technology in the 21st Century, by R. J Debusschere, B. Haworth and S. Bilger 2 Turbulent CombustION: Concepts, Governing Equations and Modeling Strategies, by Tarek Echekki and Epaminondas Mastorakos . Expand
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An Introduction to Turbulent Reacting Flows
Introduction: Motivation, Audience, Governing Equations, Main Closure Problem Turbulence and Mixing: Molecular Mixing, Reaction-Diffusion Problems, Random Walks, Turbulent Scales, Averaged Equations,Expand
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Numerical simulations of autoignition in turbulent mixing flows
Two-dimensional direct numerical simulations have been performed of the autoignition of (i) laminar and turbulent shearless mixing layers between fuel and hotter air, (ii) thin slabs of fuel exposedExpand
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Measurements in turbulent premixed bluff body flames close to blow-off
Abstract The structure of unconfined lean premixed methane–air flames stabilized on an axisymmetric bluff body has been examined for conditions increasingly closer to blow-off and during the blow-offExpand
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Simultaneous Rayleigh temperature, OH-and CH2O-LIF imaging of methane jets in a vitiated coflow
Abstract This paper details a quantitative joint temperature, OH, and CH2O imaging experiment designed to investigate the stabilization of lifted turbulent methane flames issuing into a highExpand
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Simulations of laminar flame propagation in droplet mists
Abstract In order to clarify the conditions conducive to propagation of premixed flames in quiescent sprays, a one-dimensional code with detailed chemistry and transport was used. n -Heptane and nExpand
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CFD predictions for cement kilns including flame modelling, heat transfer and clinker chemistry
Abstract Clinker formation in coal-fired rotary cement kilns under realistic operation conditions has been modelled with a commercial axisymmetric CFD code for the gaseous phase including a MonteExpand
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