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Cerebral and behavioural assymetries in animal social recognition
Evidence is here summarized that animal species belonging to distant taxa show forms of social recognition, a sophisticated cognitive ability adaptive in most social interactions. The paper thenExpand
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Innate sensitivity for self-propelled causal agency in newly hatched chicks
The idea that sensitivity to self-produced motion could lie at the foundations of the clear-cut divide that the brain operates between the two basic domains of inanimate and animate objects datesExpand
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Lateralization of social cognition in the domestic chicken (Gallus gallus)
In this paper, we report on the ongoing work in our laboratories on the effect of lateralization produced by light exposure in the egg on social cognition in the domestic chick (Gallus gallus). TheExpand
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The cradle of causal reasoning: newborns' preference for physical causality.
Perception of mechanical (i.e. physical) causality, in terms of a cause-effect relationship between two motion events, appears to be a powerful mechanism in our daily experience. In spite of aExpand
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Symmetry perception by poultry chicks and its implications for three-dimensional object recognition
Bilateral symmetry is visually salient to diverse animals including birds, but whereas experimental studies typically use bilaterally symmetrical two-dimensional patterns that are viewedExpand
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Mom’s shadow: structure-from-motion in newly hatched chicks as revealed by an imprinting procedure
The ability to recognize three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional (2-D) displays was investigated in domestic chicks, focusing on the role of the object’s motion. In Experiment 1 newly hatchedExpand
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Animal visual perception.
Perception processes can be investigated at the physical (concerning the stimulation from the environment to the receptors), physiological (the processes taking place in the neural system), andExpand
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39th Annual European Brain and Behaviour Society Abstracts
The EUROPEAN BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR SOCIETY has held its 39th Annual General Meeting in Trieste, in the campus next to the Miramare castle and its park, co-hosted by SISSA, the International School forExpand
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