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Microwave-assisted extraction of coumarin and related compounds from Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pallas as an alternative to Soxhlet and ultrasound-assisted extraction.
On the basis of the ratio extraction yield/extraction time, MAE is proposed as the most efficient method to determine the content of coumarin, o-coumaric and melilotic acids in flowering tops of Melilotus officinalis. Expand
Indirect paleo-seagrass indicators (IPSIs): A review
This work aims to assist future workers to identify facies and fossil assemblages associated with seagrass beds and concludes that combinations of several indicators turn out to be most reliable when aiming to identify the presence of paleo-seagrasses habitats. Expand
Environmental reconstruction of a late Burdigalian (Miocene) patch reef in deltaic deposits (East Kalimantan, Indonesia)
Abstract Most studies of Cenozoic shallow-water, mixed carbonate–siliciclastic depositional systems have focused on their sedimentology. To date, however, comprehensive analyses of biotas andExpand
Regulation of Aquaporin Functional Properties Mediated by the Antioxidant Effects of Natural Compounds
It is confirmed that oxidative stress reduced water AQP-mediated permeability, reversed by some chemical antioxidant compounds, and curcumin was shown to regulate AQP gating, suggesting a novel mechanism to regulate cell signaling and survival during stress. Expand
Pyrisinellidae, a new family of anascan cheilostome bryozoans
A new family of anascan-grade cheilostome bryozoans, Pyrisinellidae n. fam., is introduced, together with two new gen-era, Pyrisinella n. gen. and Spinisinella n. gen. Containing species previouslyExpand
Miocene Bryozoa from East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Part II: ‘Ascophoran’ Cheilostomata
We describe 72 ascophoran-grade cheilostomes, ranging in age from Early to Late Miocene (late Burdigalian to Messinian), collected from 17 sections in the vicinities of Samarinda, Bontang andExpand
The long story of camptothecin: From traditional medicine to drugs.
One of the latest research approaches focuses on modifying the delivery mode to improve tumour cell uptake and reduce toxicity. Expand
(R)-(−)-Aloesaponol III 8-Methyl Ether from Eremurus persicus: A Novel Compound against Leishmaniosis
Aloesaponol III 8-methyl ether (ASME) inhibits Leishmania infantum promastigotes viability (IC50 73 µg/mL), inducing morphological alterations and mitochondrial potential deregulation, thus representing a promising molecule against Leishmaniosis. Expand
Bryozoan diversity in the Mediterranean Sea: an update
The number of species-rank taxa has increased by 81 in the last dozen years but most of these additions relate to the revision of material from old collections and to the introduction of non-indigenous species. Expand
TNF-α Blocker Effect of Naringenin-Loaded Sericin Microparticles that Are Potentially Useful in the Treatment of Psoriasis
The proof of concept that sericin-based microspheres loaded with TNF-α-blockers could contribute to the down regulation of the cytokine is provided and represents the starting point for the development of new topical formulations for the treatment of middle-stage psoriasis. Expand