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A Mistaken Butterfly
A FEW summers ago I noticed a fine cabbage butterfly executing a number of gyrations in front of a milliner's shop in New Bond Street, and making every effort to get through the plate-glass window.Expand
TITLE: Occupational and Environment Aspects of the Radiation Control Provisions at the Jefferson Lab
Appendix 1 added to document. STANDARD DISTRIBUTION Jefferson Lab Technical Notes are informal memos intended for rapid, internal communication of work in progress. Of necessity, these notes areExpand
Dew-ponds in 1911
  • E. Martin
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
  • 1 November 1911
THE pond near Chanctonbury, referred to by Mr. J. P. Clatworthy in NATURE of November 2 (p. 8), has generally been regarded as an ancient one; and I may perhaps direct attention to a statement inExpand
Miniature Rainbows
WHEN returning one day in August of last year from the Fame Islands to Berwick in a pleasure steamer, I was standing in the bow of the boat, and was much struck by the display of a permanent rainbowExpand
Dew: Does it Rise or Fall?
  • E. Martin
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
  • 1 October 1929
WHEN I was studying the subject of dew-ponds, I made many hundreds of experiments on dew, and these went to show that under suitable conditions there may be upward dew or downward dew. In his “EssayExpand
Edward Blyth and the Theory of Natural Selection
WITH reference to Mr. H. M. Vickers's letter in NATURE of February 16, I may perhaps mention that the Edward Blyth who edited Gilbert White's “Selborne” in 1836, a reissue of which was made in 1858,Expand
The Condition of Kent's Cavern
SINCE a recent visit to Kent's Cavern I have been wondering if it would be possible for something to done by which any important finds that may be made there could be brought to the notice of thoseExpand
Movements on Water Surfaces
I HAVE often wondered what is the real explanation of the following observation. If on a bath of soapy water a skin is allowed to collect on the surface, and then lumps of soapy lather be allowed toExpand
Birds as a Geological Agent
ALL along the tops of the cliffs of the Undercliff from Ventnor to Blackgang empty shells of the common limpet are found in large numbers, and it has usually been assumed that their shape has causedExpand