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Marfe: an edge plasma phenomenon
A tokamak edge phenomenon, dubbed the 'marfe' (for multifaceted asymmetric radiation from the edge), is described. This phenomenon, observed in medium- to high-density Alcator C discharges, isExpand
Far-infrared polarimetry diagnostic for measurement of internal magnetic field dynamics and fluctuations in the C-MOD Tokamak (invited).
A laser-based (2.55 THz) mulitchord polarimeter is now operational on Alcator C-Mod and is used to make measurements of the internal magnetic field structure as well as plasma fluctuations. TheExpand
Transport-driven Scrape-Off-Layer flows and the boundary conditions imposed at the magnetic separatrix in a tokamak plasma
Plasma profiles and flows in the low- and high-field side scrape-off-layer (SOL) regions in Alcator C-Mod are found to be remarkably sensitive to magnetic separatrix topologies (upper-, lower- andExpand
First results from Alcator‐C‐MOD*
Early operation of the Alcator‐C‐MOD tokamak [I.H. Hutchinson, Proceedings of IEEE 13th Symposium on Fusion Engineering, Knoxville, TN, edited by M. Lubell, M. Nestor, and S. Vaughan (Institute ofExpand
Overview of the Alcator C-Mod Research Program
  • E. Marmar
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • 1 November 2006
Alcator C-MOD has compared plasma performance with plasma-facing components (PFCs) coated with boron to all-metal PFCs to assess projections of energy confinement from current experiments toExpand
Scaling of H-mode threshold power and L-H edge conditions with favorable ion grad-B drift in Alcator C-Mod tokamak
This paper presents the results from a systematic study of low-to-high confinement transition (L–H transition) in Alcator C-Mod lower single null plasmas, with ion ∇B drift in the favourableExpand
The Alcator C-Mod Program
Abstract To introduce this special issue, this paper gives a brief overview of the key themes in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak research program. These include energy, particle and momentum transport,Expand
I-mode: an H-mode energy confinement regime with L-mode particle transport in Alcator C-Mod
An improved energy confinement regime, I-mode, is studied in Alcator C-Mod, a compact high-field divertor tokamak using ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRFs) auxiliary heating. I-mode featuresExpand
Multichannel light detector system for visible continuum measurements on Alcator C
A spatially resolving visible light detector system has been constructed and used to measure continuum radiation in the wavelength region near 5360 A on the Alcator C tokamak. The instrument measuresExpand
Overview of the SPARC tokamak
The SPARC tokamak is a critical next step towards commercial fusion energy. SPARC is designed as a high-field ($B_0 = 12.2$ T), compact ($R_0 = 1.85$ m, $a = 0.57$ m), superconducting, D-T tokamakExpand