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The consequences of doxorubicin quinone reduction in vivo in tumour tissue.
A clear role for quinone reduction in the mechanism of action of doxorubicin has still to be established. There are three possible outcomes of this form of doxorubicin metabolism: (1) drug freeExpand
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Hypertensive interactions between monoamine oxidase inhibitors and foodstuffs.
(1) 4.3 per cent. of patients prescribed monoamine oxidase inhibitors for depression at the Maudsley Hospital between January 1963 and June 1964 experienced sudden hypertensive attacks accompanied byExpand
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Clinical and experimental aspects of interactions between amine oxidase inhibitors and amine re-uptake inhibitors.
Dangerous and even fatal interactions can occur in man following combinations of antidepressants which include non-selective MAO inhibitors. To ascertain the causation, interactions reproducing theExpand
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Effect of sympathomimetic and allied amines on temperature and oxygen consumption in chickens.
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The output of sympathetic amines from the cat's adrenal gland in response to splanchnic nerve activity
The release of sympathins from the adrenal gland as a consequence of electrical stimulation of the splanchnic nerve was first tested by Biedl (1897), Dreyer (1899) and Tscheboksaroff (1911). TheseExpand
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Action of sympathomimetic and allied amines on the central nervous system of the chicken.
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Interactions of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, amines, and foodstuffs.
Publisher Summary An important and interesting pharmacological advance has been made by researchers, investigating the profound effects of many amine-containing foodstuffs, when eaten by patientsExpand
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1 The effects of clonidine infused into the IIIrd cerebral ventricle, the hypothalamus or intravenously were studied on behaviour, electrocortical activity, body, comb and leg temperatures,Expand
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Operant conditioning in the newly hatched chicken.
  • E. Marley, W. H. Morse
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior
  • 1 March 1966
Techniques are described for conditioning key-pecking reinforced with food and for recording cheeping in newly hatched chickens. A mirror in the test box is essential when conditioning isolatedExpand
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The temporal reliability of the Maudsley personality inventory.
The value of the MPI as a research tool is alluded to. A test-retest investigation into the temporal reliability of the questionnaire is described. It is concluded that the MPI has a satisfactoryExpand
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