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Adverse events in meditation practices and meditation‐based therapies: a systematic review
Meditation techniques are widely used as therapy and wellbeing practices, but there are growing concerns about its potential for harm. The aim of the present study is to systematically reviewExpand
Response Bias in Research on Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health: A Critical Review of the Literature and Methodological Recommendations
Although a significant body of research supports the psychological benefits of religion and spirituality, more investigations are needed to understand the mechanisms by which they impact mentalExpand
Dissociation From a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Implications of Studies in Brazil
Abstract A major issue in the study of dissociation concerns the cross-cultural validity of definitions and measurements used to identify and classify dissociative disorders. There is also extensiveExpand
A Biopsychosocial Approach to Creative Dissociation: Remarks on a Case of Mediumistic Painting
A category of religious experience that still preserves much of the original blurring and fusion between art and religion is mediumistic or spirit painting. Performed by spiritualist mediums inExpand
The dynamics of religious mobility: investigating the patterns and sociodemographic characteristics of religious affiliation and disaffiliation in a Brazilian sample
Little research has been done in Brazil regarding religious mobility, that is, the patterns of religious conversion and disaffiliation, the ways in which one moves from one religion to another orExpand
The complex interrelationship between dissociation and anomalous sleep experiences
Dissociative experiences are common in the general population, with about one-third of individuals reporting at least one dissociative symptom1,2. The etiology of dissociation (especially of its moreExpand
How psychiatrists think about religious and spiritual beliefs in clinical practice: findings from a university hospital in São Paulo, Brazil
Objective: To examine the relationship between psychiatrists’ religious/spiritual beliefs and their attitudes regarding religion and spirituality in clinical practice. Methods: A cross-sectionalExpand
Importance of a Psychosocial Approach for a Comprehensive Understanding of Mediumship
There are several definitions of mediumship. The majority of them are religion-based. In this article, the term mediumship is defined as the supposed capacity that certain people--that isExpand