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Catharanthus lanceus VII. Isolation of tetrahydroalstonine, lochnerinine, and periformyline.
Details concerning the isolation of tetrahydroalstonine, lochnerinine, and the structure elucidation of periformyline, the first example of an N (b) -substituted formyl indole alkaloid to be found in nature, are presented. Expand
Catharanthus alkaloids. XV. Isolation of vindolinine from C. lanceus leaves.
A continuing study of Catharantbus lanceus for antineoplastic alkaloids has resulted in the isolation of vindolinine (as HC1), which is reported for the first time from this plant. Perivine andExpand
First Report of Cercospora Blight of Asparagus officinalis Caused by Cercospora asparagi in New York
Morphological characteristics of the fungus were consistent with descriptions of C. asparagi, and conidiophores and conidia typical of Cercospora were observed within the lesions. Expand