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The theory of unemployment reconsidered
This is a very reasonable book that should be read. The following may offer you the way to get this book. It is actually ease. When the other people must walk around and go outside to get the book in
The Consistency of Nonlinear Regressions
Abstract : This paper gives alternative sufficient conditions for the least squares estimates to be consistent in the case of nonlinear regression, i.e., without the assumption of linearity of g with
Lectures on Microeconomic Theory
Conceptual Framework of Microeconomic Theory. The Consumer. The Producer. Optimum Theory. Competitive Equilibrium. Imperfect Competition and Game Situations. Economies with an Infinite Number of
Prices for Individual Consumption, Quantity Indicators for Collective Consumption
In the classical situation discussed by microeconomic theory, commodities are consumed individually either by firms or by households. Prices are then considered as the main vehicle of information for
Econometric Methodology at the Cowles Commission: Rise and Maturity
Considering the contribution of the Cowles research institute to the development of econometrics, one has little choice in this address and must mainly focus attention on one major achievement,