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A note on the effect of the full moon on the activity of wild maned wolves, Chrysocyon brachyurus
It is well established in the scientific literature that animal prey species reduce their activity at times of high predation risk. In the case of nocturnal animals this occurs when there is a fullExpand
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Effect of intermediate agents and pre-heating of repairing resin on composite-repair bonds.
This study investigated the composite-to-composite microtensile bond strength and interfacial quality after using different combinations of intermediate agents and pre-curing temperatures ofExpand
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Push-out bond strength of circular and oval-shaped fiber posts
This study aimed at evaluating the post-root dentin push-out bond strength of circular and oval posts luted in oval-shaped canals with two different resin cements. Twenty extracted premolars withExpand
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Post space debridement in oval-shaped canals: the use of a new ultrasonic tip with oval section.
This study evaluates the effect on post space debridement in oval-shaped canals of an experimental ultrasonic tip with oval section (Satelec) compared with a circular ultrasonic tip (KaVo). ThirtyExpand
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Evaluation of the mechanical properties of dental adhesives and glass-ionomer cements
Adhesives and lining/base materials should relieve the stresses concentrated at the tooth/restoration interface. The study aimed at comparing the mechanical properties of eight adhesives and sixExpand
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Secret lives of maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus Illiger 1815): as revealed by GPS tracking collars
The maned wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus is a nocturnal and shy species, which has proven difficult to study in the field; consequently, data about its behavioural biology are almost absent from theExpand
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Influence of ozone on the composite-to-composite bond
The study evaluated the effect of ozone application on the composite-to-composite bond. Three hundred and twenty cylindrical composite specimens were divided into two groups: group 1 was subjected toExpand
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Light transmission through fiber post: the effect on adhesion, elastic modulus and hardness of dual-cure resin cement.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of fiber post light transmitting ability to the continuity of resin cement-root dentin (C-RD) and resin cement-fiber post (C-FP)Expand
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Post space cleaning using a new nickel titanium endodontic drill combined with different cleaning regimens.
This study compared the effect of two drills and five cleaning regimens on post space debridement. One hundred extracted premolars were instrumented and obturated with warm vertical compaction ofExpand
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Effect of curing modes of dual-curing luting systems and root regions on retention of translucent fiber posts in root canals.
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of different curing modes of dual-curing luting systems and root regions on the push-out strength of fiber posts to intraradicular dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODSExpand
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