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Nothing Bad Happens to Good Girls: Fear of Crime in Women's Lives
'The possibility of being a victim of a crime is ever present on my mind; thinking about it as natural as breathing' - 40-year-old woman. This is a compelling analysis of how women in the UnitedExpand
Using two complementary qualitative methodologies—focus groups and in-depth interviews—this article explores women's fear of crime in a sample of 140 participants. The major argument is that women'sExpand
Using Focus Groups With Lower Socioeconomic Status Latina Women
This article discusses the use of focus groups when interviewing lower socioeconomic status Latina women in some areas of New York City and northern New Jersey. Drawing from the author's researchExpand
Latina Teenagers: Victimization, Identity, and Fear of Crime
Introduction During the last 20 years, criminologists have dedicated a great deal of attention to the consequences of victimization and fear of crime on people's lives (Clemente and Kleiman, 1977;Expand
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
The perception of risk in the workplace: A test of routine activity theory
Using the data from a special one-time supplement conducted in conjunction with the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), this article tests the relationship between routine activities and theExpand
Losing a Generation: Probing the Myths and Realities of Youth and Violence.
In addressing youth violence, myth and reality become so intertwined that the true causes and effective solutions become obscured. This issue of Social Justice appears at a time when myths aboutExpand
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