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Photosynthetic gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and some associated metabolic changes in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) during water stress and recovery
Abstract The responses of photosynthetic gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence along with changes in carbohydrate and proline levels were studied in cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata ) during waterExpand
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Growth‐ and leaf‐temperature effects on photosynthesis of sweet orange seedlings infected with Xylella fastidiosa
The effects of growth and leaf temperature on photosynthesis were evaluated in sweet orange seedlings (Citrus sinensis cv. Pera) infected with Xylella fastidiosa (the bacterium that causes citrusExpand
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Interactions between leaf water potential, stomatal conductance and abscisic acid content of orange trees submitted to drought stress
Laranjeiras 'Pera' de dois anos e meio de idade enxertadas em limoeiros 'Cravo' foram cultivadas em vasos de 100 L com solo e submetidas ao estresse hidrico, pela suspensao da irrigacao. Valores deExpand
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SUMMARY This study was conducted to investigate the physiological response of sugarcane genotypes to drought and its consequence for stalk yield. Sugarcane genotypes IACSP94-2094, IACSP96-2042 andExpand
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The role of inorganic phosphate on photosynthesis recovery of common bean after a mild water deficit
Abstract A foliar spray of inorganic phosphate (Pi) was applied at the pollination stage of two common bean genotypes A320 and Ouro Negro, growing in pots in a greenhouse. Two days after the foliarExpand
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Photosynthetic responses of tropical tree species from different successional groups under contrasting irradiance conditions
This study evaluated the photosynthetic responses of seven tropical trees of different successional groups under contrasting irradiance conditions, taking into account changes in gas exchange andExpand
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Photosynthetic parameters and leaf water potential of five common bean genotypes under mild water deficit
The leaf water potential, gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence were evaluated in five common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) genotypes A222, A320, BAT477, Carioca and Ouro Negro subjected to moderateExpand
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Photosynthetic response of citrus grown under reflective aluminized polypropylene shading nets
Abstract High temperatures and high atmospheric vapor pressure deficits (VPDs) are usually encountered in greenhouses in hot climates. For citrus, these environmental conditions can lead to decreasesExpand
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Plant growth, canopy photosynthesis and light availability in three sugarcane varieties
Phytomass production is a result of physiological processes occurring at plant canopy level, with canopy architecture affecting the availability of solar radiation to photosynthesizing tissues. TheExpand
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Early photosynthetic responses of sweet orange plants infected with Xylella fastidiosa
Abstract Photosynthetic processes of sweet orange plants [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck cv. Pera] infected with Xylella fastidiosa were investigated. Simultaneous measurements of leaf gas exchanges andExpand
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