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Tocainide conjugation in humans: novel biotransformation pathway for a primary amine.
The metabolism of tocainide, an experimental antiarrhythmic drug, was studied in humans and a compound identified as 3-(2,6-xylyl)-5-methylhydantoin was derived from the same metabolite that formed the additional toc Cainide after acid or beta-glucuronidase treatment. Expand
Assay of tocainide in blood by high-pressure liquid chromatography.
A sensitive, specific, high-pressure liquid chromatographic assay for the determination of tocainide in whole blood was tested on samples from emergency protocol patients and was also found suitable for single-dose pharmacokinetic studies. Expand
On the kinetics and dynamics of tocainide and its metabolites
The kinetics of tocainide, a new antiarrhythmic drug, and two of its metabolites, lactoxylidide (LX) and to cainide carbamoyl glucuronide (TG), were examined in patients given toc Cainide for 7 days following an acute myocardial infarction to suggest that tocainside, unlike many antiarrHythmic drugs, has no active metabolites. Expand
Characterization and use of a gamma radiation TLC scanner for radiochemical purity measurements of radiopharmaceutical kit preparations of99mTc(dmpe)2Cl2+
A simple, low cost TLC scanner system for the characterization of γ-emitting radiopharmaceuticals is described. The TLC γ scanner has a linear response range of ∼0.074 Mbq up to ≥2.94 Mbq. TheExpand