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Strigolactone signaling is required for auxin-dependent stimulation of secondary growth in plants
Long distance cell-to-cell communication is critical for the development of multicellular organisms. In this respect, plants are especially demanding as they constantly integrate environmental inputsExpand
Analysis of secondary growth in the Arabidopsis shoot reveals a positive role of jasmonate signalling in cambium formation
The positive effect of JA application on cambium activity confirmed a stimulatory role of JA in secondary growth, and suggests that JA signalling triggers cell divisions in this particular context. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships, diversification and expansion of chili peppers (Capsicum, Solanaceae).
The phylogenetic relationships between nearly all taxa of Capsicum were explored to test the monophyly of the genus and to obtain a better knowledge of species relationships, diversification and expansion. Expand
Association genetics of phenolic needle compounds in Norway spruce with variable susceptibility to needle bladder rust
The phenolics profile differed between trees with high and low susceptibility to the fungus, underlining the importance of phenolic compounds in the defence mechanisms of Norway spruce to C. rhododendri. Expand
Assessment of genetic diversity amongst Ugandan sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) landraces based on agromorphological traits and genetic markers
Agromorphological traits and a set of published and newly developed microsatellite markers were analyzed on a collection of 121 accessions of Ugandan sesame landraces and indicated no clear pattern related to the geographic origin. Expand
Floral Ontogeny of Oleaceae and Its Systematic Implications
Developmental data based on the SEM investigation of 15 species out of 10 genera and covering most tribes and subtribes of the Oleaceae contribute essentially to a better understanding of the morphological and phylogenetic relations of the most significant families of basal Lamiales. Expand
Molecular control of secondary growth initiation in the Arabidopsis stem
Das Wachstum von Pflanzen wird in zwei unterschiedliche Prozesse eingeteilt, einerseits in das Langenwachstum und andererseits in das Dickenwachstum. Die Voraussetzung fur das Langenwachstum istExpand
Drought Sensitivity of Norway Spruce at the Species’ Warmest Fringe: Quantitative and Molecular Analysis Reveals High Genetic Variation Among and Within Provenances
The present study confirms the high adaptive variation of Norway spruce in Central and Southeastern Europe and demonstrates how quantitative genetic, dendroclimatic and genomic data can be linked to understand the genetic basis of adaptation to climate extremes in trees. Expand
How to Isolate a Plant's Hypomethylome in One Shot
The high potential of MRE-seq is shown in a wide range of scenarios for the direct analysis of methylation differences, for example, between ecotypes, individuals, within or across species harbouring large, and complex genomes. Expand
Selecting Hypomethylated Genomic Regions Using MRE-Seq.
A method capable of filtering the hypometHylated part of plant genomes, the so-called hypomethylome, based on the filtration and sequence analysis of small DNA fragments generated by methylation-sensitive four-cutter restriction endonucleases, possessing ((5me))CpG motifs in their recognition sites. Expand