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[Artificial breeding of tadpoles in laboratory conditions].
[The effect of glucose on the intestinal epithelial cells of the lancet Branchiostoma lanceolatum].
In gut epithelium of the lancelot 3 types of cells were revealed which correspond to those described earlier, viz. Expand
[The growth-stimulating activity of the insulins from teleosts].
Growth-stimulating properties of insulins from cyclostomes, teleosts and mammals were evaluated by their capacity to promote the uptake of [35S]-sulfate by fish branchial cartilages. It was shownExpand
[Participation of insulin in regulating the metabolism of marine bivalve mollusks].
Comparison of the data obtained in the present work with those reported earlier for freshwater bivalve molluscs suggests that metabolic shifts induced by anti-insulin serum are more rapid in vigorous scallops than in sedentary mussels. Expand
[Insulin in mollusks and its role in regulating carbohydrate metabolism].
The above data prove the important role of insulin or insulin-like substance produced by molluscs in regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in these animals. Expand
[On the technic of intravascular administration of solutions to chick embryos].